60 Sec Video


My logline is “A dog gets his favorite chew toy stuck under a table and calls upon his brother to help him get the chew toy out from under the table.” Going into this project, I wanted to include my dogs in the film. I thought it would take forever to film but it actually didn’t take that long. After filming, I wanted to play around with an editing app on my phone that I downloaded the night before. Once I finished editing, I realized I couldn’t upload the video because the music I used was not free. So instead of finding a new editing app that included music in the free version, so I just screen recorded it.


  • Did the music work with the film?
  • What would you have done differently?  
  • Do you know of any free editing apps with music?

The music worked well with the film and the editing was good – Dylan, Nairn, and a couple of others

The watermarks are okay – Mr. Leduc

Words are very helpful – Mr. Leduc

PowerDirector is an editing software I could use – Avian

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